Matthias Orgler | Musician, Entrepreneur, Consultant. Creator of Gixtra and Author of Mastering Chords.
Matthias Orgler is a musician, coach and author. He plays live and in studios, teaches live music and music theory and develops the band software Gixtra.
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I play music on stages and in studios. To help bands improve their live life, I created Gixtra – a software that lets musicians organize gigs more professionally. Recently I began teaching about music and the live business.

Latest Articles

  • Use Apple Main Stage Live in Concert

    I am preparing for the album release tour this spring. Apart from new songs and new choreographies, I will try to establish a new setup on stage. In this article I describe why I want to expand my stage gear with Apple’s Main Stage 3,......

  • Slash Chords

    Do you know the steady rock tunes, where the bass player keeps hammering eigth on the same note, while the guitar chords change? A progression like is rather straight forward to play on a guitar. And a bass hammering eigth notes on „C“ is also......

  • The Root

    In this article you will learn to decipher the two most important aspects of any chord symbol: root and tonality. Armed with this knowledge you will already be able to read the basics out of every chord chart, e.g. the example above. We’ll start with......

  • Purpose of Chord Charts

    The audience is screaming and the lights are coming on. It is your first gig with this new band and you had merely a week to prepare the whole repertoire. Thankfully one of your band members gave you the chord charts of all the songs,......

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